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Eradicate these dangerous web crawlers from your home.

Protect Your Family From Deadly Spiders!

Spiders are diverse irritants. Some nest in damp spaces, while others prefer dry and warm places. The occasional spider scuttling across the wall shouldn't be the subject of significant concern, but they can become a nuisance when they begin to reproduce. 

Many spiders aren't venomous and deadly, but some can be life-threatening. If you spot one of these in your house or property, make sure to call PROS Pest Control immediately for extermination.

Dangerious Spiders In Oklahoma

Black Window


 These are venomous spiders. They are black in color and can be identified by a red hourglass shaped stamp on their abdomen. Southern Black Widows typically mate during spring and summer months. They like to inhabit barns, garages, sheds and basements. 

Brown Recluse


They bite only when in close contact with the victim's skin. These Spiders can blend into their environment really well. Bites can cause tissue loss and necrosis. These spiders are often referred to as fiddle-back spiders because of a violin shaped pattern on their dorsum. They prefer dark places and are often found on the ground floor. 

Wolf Spider


 These spiders are common in the U.S. Their bites aren't deadly, but can be extremely painful and should be treated professionally. They are ground spiders who generally operate alone and are often found in open areas.